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Hmong Nurses Association (HNA) is a professional organization founded by Hmong nurses and developed for Hmong nurses and their communities across the nation. HNA is a professional organization that values honesty, integrity, transparency, confidentiality, equity, sharing of knowledge, mentorship of future Hmong nurses, and the collaboration of Hmong nurses to promote and sustain a healthy community.

Our Mission

To be a professional organization that unites and empowers Hmong nurses to strengthen nursing knowledge and clinical practice towards the highest standards, to passionately sustain the collegial interactions and quality of life amongst Hmong nurses through networking and mentorship, and to educate the Hmong community about wellness management.

HNA has created a foundation to have positive changes for Hmong nurses and the Hmong community by empowering nurses to their fullest potential and by improving the health of the Hmong community.

Together we can make positive health changes in our community!

The Vision

Empower Hmong nurses to strengthen their career and reach their fullest potential in the nursing profession in solidarity of sharing knowledge to improve and to sustain the health of its members and the community.

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Our Stories

Together we can change lives

May Lee

Clinical Supervisor

A community nursing leader helping HNA thrive in Fresno, CA

Phillip Yang

PACU & Perianesthesia

A nurse for over a little of 10 years. Get to know Phillip C. Yang, an inspiring leader.

Chong Mandy Heu


An emerging nursing leader pursuing FNP school and helping HNA grow.

Valerie Xiong

Valerie Xiong


Supporting the growth and development of HNA, get to know more about this emerging nurse leader.

Why HNA?

Currently, there are no other organization or association of its kind that represents the Hmong nursing profession. In an effort to bridge this gap, the Hmong Nurses Association (HNA) was formed in 2012. Hmong Nurses Association was created to provide a platform for Hmong Nurses to share their experiences, ideas and goals of improving the Hmong community and to foster professional growth and development amongst Hmong nurses. HNA provides a unique opportunity for Hmong nurses as well as the communities they serve because of its mission and purpose.

HNA was incorporated in 2018 and is a 501c(3) non-profit and professional nursing organization in the United States that brings together Hmong nurses and the community.

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