The Fresno chapter formed in 2017 and since it’s inception HNA-Fresno has:

  • Given out nursing scholarships totaling $7,500.00 in 2020.
  • Conducted workshops to prepare new RN graduates with interview skills.
  • Given back to the community through volunteer work by cooking a meal for patient families staying at Terry’s House at Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno.
  • Worked with Hmong Culture New Year Celebration by providing translation services for EMS.


HNA-Fresno Goals for 2021:

  • Participate in Fresno County COVID-19 vaccination efforts to provide vaccinations to the API community in living in the Central Valley.
  • Give out 10 nursing scholarships totaling $9,000.00
  • Offer nursing mentor events for nursing students and new nursing graduates.
  • Offer CME educational events to our members.
May Lee

May Lee


“I am beyond thrilled about this organization and in hopes make key decisions about how and what is best for this association to move forward as president. I want to see Hmong Nurses Association grow and see it thrive with continued leadership. “

Maybo Heu

Maybo Heu

Vice President

“As Vice President of Hmong Nurses  Association, Fresno Chapter, I plan to continue supporting Hmong nursing students  through two avenues: scholarship and mentorship.”

Julie Xiong

Julie Xiong


“I am excited to stay involved with Hmong Nurses Association and pursue professional growth in our community. I became a member when I first heard of the organization. I had the vision of gradually supporting our members from career and educational support. In the future I would like the opportunity to provide health literacy in the community.”

Mai Toua Lao

Mai Toua Lao


Information about Leader1.
“To do what nobody else will do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of all we go through;
that is to be a nurse.”
— Rawsi Williams

Nursing Scholarship Applications Due








HNA-Fresno will give out Ten (10) Nursing Scholarships this year!

Please click on the count-down icon above to access the Google document application. 

Applicant required criteria is included at the beginning of the application. If you are not a Central Valley resident from the identified counties as indicated on the application and do not meet all the application criteria, your application will not be reviewed.