Hmong Nurses Association – Fresno

The Fresno chapter formed in 2018 and since it’s inception,

HNA-Fresno has continued to support Hmong nursing students through scholarships. 

HNA-Fresno has awarded $16,250.00 worth of scholarships in the past 2 years!

We are grateful for all the support we have received from our sponsors and donors. 

We are able to give back to the community because you have given to us!

2021 Nursing Scholarship Celebration Dinner scheduled for Saturday, July 10.









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Hmong Nurses Association-Fresno appreciates your support!  Help HNA-Fresno continue to make a difference in the Central Valley through Scholarship, Mentorship, Health Education, and Community Service.

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Hmong Nurses Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  No goods or services will be provided in exchange for your contribution.   EIN/Tax ID number for Hmong Nurses Association is 82-3761954.


   This is who we are…


Increasing the number of Hmong nurses in the Central Valley one nurse at a time.  HNA-Fresno has continued to provide nursing scholarships to socially disadvantaged and first-generation students in the Central Valley.  HNA-Fresno strives to bring diversity to health care.  HNA-Fresno believes that diversifying the nursing workforce will allow for more culturally competent care.


HNA-Fresno members participate in health educational workshops to help address health disparities in our community.  We also continue to mentor nursing students and new graduate nurses as they prepare for licensing and job placement.  HNA-Fresno consists of nurses and nurse practitioners from all departments that are full of knowledge to share.


When there is a need in the community, HNA-Fresno responds by giving back.  Whether it be working for the Southeast Asian COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic or providing meals to nurses on Nurses Appreciation Day, HNA-Fresno continues to be present for their community and colleagues.   

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  -Helen Keller


2021 Nursing Scholarship Recipients

To Be Announced

2020 Nursing Scholarship Recipients


Pang Her

Houava Lee

Mai Lor Lee

Yeng Vang

Christi Xiong

Iaong Xiong

Sue Xiong



Mandy Heu

 Julie Thao

Phaxi Yang




Fresno Chapter Contact Information

Hmong Nurses Association, Fresno Chapter

P.O. Box 8822

Fresno, CA 93747