Join us at our Annual Scholarship Gala

The Scholarship Gala is HNA-Fresno’s annual fundraiser to raise funds for nursing scholarships for Central Valley Nursing Students and to help HNA-Fresno continue to provide services to our community.

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Fresno Chapter

Awarding nursing scholarships in the Central Valley since 2020.

The 2023 Scholarship Application Period is now closed.  Scholarship Applicants will be notified on March 1, 2023.

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How You Can Get Involved

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Community Service

Promote health through health education.  Participate in health clinics throughout the Central Valley providing COVID-19 vaccines to disadvantaged populations in the Central Valley.

Mentorship & Scholarship

Provide resources to nurses to become leaders in their profession.  Organize educational opportunities for Hmong Nurses in the Central Valley.

Serve as mentors to pre-nursing students, nursing students and new-graduate nurses.  Continue to provide scholarship opportunities for Hmong Nurses in the Central Valley.


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2022 Diamond Sponsors

Hmong Nurses Association

Fresno Chapter

P.O. Box 8822

Fresno, CA 93747




2023-2024 Fresno Chapter Officers

May Lee, President

Liz Torres, Vice President

Christi Xiong, Secretary

Maybo Heu, Treasurer